98474693 Pitbull Cancels Shows Due to Immigration Law

AMP artist [lastfm]Pitbull[/lastfm] is taking a stand on what he believes in, and canceled a show due to the newest controversy. Read more about this canceled show after the jump.

[lastfm]Pitbull[/lastfm] is heading out on his “Mr. Worldwide’s Carnaval” tour, and according to he will not make any stops in Phoenix to make a stand and protest against Arizona’s newest controversial immigration law. Pitbull took to his twitter page to explain the cancellation of the show:

screen shot 2010 05 17 at 2 44 31 am Pitbull Cancels Shows Due to Immigration Law

He will begin this “Worldwide” tour on May 25 and it will go through the end of June.

He isn’t alone in doing this.
[lastfm]Cypress Hill[/lastfm] and others have also canceled shows due to this law. [lastfm]Pitbull[/lastfm] is prepping the release of his first Spanish-only album, Armando, a tip of the hat to his real name Armando Perez. Fans can expect that album in the summer and another album, PlanetPit, in the Fall.

  • Do you think it’s wrong for him to cancel the show or are you proud of him for standing up for his beliefs?
Comments (6)
  1. Taylor says:

    I agree with Pitbull…why are they singling out one race. When you do that, you gotta do all the races. Mexicans are not alone in the drug wars.

    1. what is right says:

      we are not singling out a race we are singling out the people that are coming into our country illegally and taking jobs, our money, our healthcare, etc…if it was the germans, french, or italians then we would have a problem with them but it isn’t. Do it the right way and I don’t have a problem but when you come over and take the welfare, social security that we people need I have a problem and finally a state is standing up for what is right!!!

  2. EdTorriez says:

    How stupid. It’s not like the people of AZ voted for this bill. By the way, who would be attending a Pitbull show? Mostly Hispanic-Americans, so who is he punishing? His fans. I think Pitbull sucks anyways but if I were a fan I’d be pissed.

  3. Yaz says:

    IM WAY PROUD. THAT LAW IS GONNA CAUSE SO MUCH CHAOS….THEY SAY ITS NOT RACIAL PROFILIN BUT IT IS! did u see the news bout the puerto rican who was almost deported because the damn cops said “he looked mexican”?!?! thats so disgusting! they need to reconcider this

  4. straight up says:

    dude thats so messed wat u think its only mexicans that are in the drug wars?? well hell no your dead wrong i mean seriously all this shit is making the 5.0 think they can do watever they want like say, “oh u look mexican so u r gonna be deported asap!” i mean seriously think of how many white guys are all acting like gangstas kickin people out of the country just kuz they say they dont like em

    1. what is right says:

      the police know it is not only the mexicans. But they are a part of it, not only are they coming to our country illegally they are coming to our country illagally with illegal drugs, the police are fighting it in all directions mexican or american if you have illegal drugs you are in trouble… if you are an illegal immigrant even more. If a person was almost deported for looking mexican that is too bad, but that is not the law. if someone is doing something like speeding and get pulled over and the police see you can barely speak english, and don’t have a drivers license they ask for your papers. If you can’t supply then that is when there is a problem. Come to the country legally and that is great, come to the country illegally and take our tax money, and bring drugs that harm and kill you deserve everything you have coming to you.

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