mayocrop Drinko De Mayo Hangover Remedies

Cinco de Mayo is today, and I know a lot of you are ditching work to party it up. Here are some hang-over remedies that might come in handy tomorrow!

Cinco de Mayo is a great excuse to party it up, having the time of your life, but it results in the next day feeling like a terrible nightmare.  When you find yourself stuck in bed with a pounding headache or hovering over the porcelain god, don’t forget these simple steps that will hopefully help you feel a bit better. It’s never fun to wake up and feel like the Mariachi Band is still playing inside your cabeza.

  1. First off make sure you drink plenty of agua. Hydration is key.  Your body is dehydrated so make sure you replenish it with ample water intake!  Also, make sure not to over do it with the caffeine, even though coffee will help in tiny amounts, a lot of it will be counterproductive because coffee is also a diuretic.  So, if you opt for lots and lots of coffee, your body will start to dehydrate all over again and that is not muy bueno.
  2. You may also want to have some Alka Seltzers handy.   Many people swear by the might and magic of these special fizzy pills. It might take up to 20-minutes but we guarantee you’ll feel way better.
  3. If you’re a die hard party vato, wake up and drink a Bloody Mary, shower and continue partying.  You might also want to eat some menudo too, it’s a celebrated Mexican hangover trick.

It’s always fun to celebrate anything, especially holidays, but try to do so in a responsible way. Make sure you have a designated driver and most of all be safe!  Enjoy your Cinco de Mayo, and if you have any special remedies make sure to let us know in the comments!

Below is a song that fist this holiday so perfectly. Enjoy!


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