lady gaga staff member stole from her1 From Bad Romance to Bad Employees; Lady Gagas Staff Member Steals From Her

Just when it seems like things cannot get any better for [lastfm]Lady Gaga[/lastfm] something astounding like this happens.  A staff member in her employment not only took photos of her stuff, but they also stole from the futuristic pop singer!

Little monsters, check out the damage after the jump!

The small time hustler explained:

I worked as a crew member for a Gaga concert in Wollongong, Australia a couple of days ago and it was quite an experience. Out of like 50 people a friend and I was hand chosen by one of her handlers to help her assistants (Kelly/Kia/Brandon I think their names were) to set up Gaga’s dressing room. I had to get her white leather lounges out of containers, set up her table (it had a guitar in it with glass over it), fill her humidifiers and some other jobs like setting up her tv. When her assistants were out of the room I managed to get a picture.

lady gagas leather couches From Bad Romance to Bad Employees; Lady Gagas Staff Member Steals From Her

What I didn’t get a picture of was this naked mannequin with only a gas mask and a sketch of gaga sticky taped to the belly, and like 20 cases in the hallway that were wardrobe cases. Some of which were open, with costumes exposed that I had to stalkerishly touch. Like a blue jacket with Asian character over it, and a cream baseball jersey jacket with spikes all over it. (I recognized it and found a picture on google when I got home)

Some of the other stuff I did in the morning was setting up this creepy fish monster with tentacles, I got a photo of it on the truck but got cursed at by the homophobic hillbilly in charge.

lady gagas mollested jacket and monster From Bad Romance to Bad Employees; Lady Gagas Staff Member Steals From Her

When we actually started the shift we snuck back down the hallways to where we knew her dressing room was and it was a mess with a violet colored piece of paper that I just had to eavesdrop on. And to my amazement it was Gaga’s itinerary for her stay in Australia, So I kinda maybe stole it. None of her staff was there anymore so it’s all good. it has everything she’s doing for the next week or so, including addresses of hotels, times she leaving to do stuff, like visiting Buddhist temples etc. (it also includes a lot of studio time).

The snitching staff member posted photos of the itinerary which you can check them out here and here.  We’re not sure what’s creepier, the infiltration, the deception or posting all of it online.  No matter what, [lastfm]Lady Gaga[/lastfm] has got to learn to shield herself better because the creep that posted this stuff online left all the addresses up, even though they covered up the times she’d be at those places.  Despicable.  If you’re a little monster, would you exploit [lastfm]Lady Gaga[/lastfm] like this?  Let us know in the comments!

Comments (9)
  1. Kalisha says:

    I can’t believe this! How disgusting. Some people just can’t stop.. haters, Fusari, now this? Honestly. This person should be fired. HATE THEM!! All Little Monsters would be out to kill this f*cking retard employee. I know I would.
    Proud to be a LIttle Monster and a Free Bitch.
    Kalisha – @jacksonkids

  2. Judy says:

    i would never do that.. if you were a real fan you would never do this to lady gaga. i know i would never do this to lady gaga.

  3. diana Love says:

    I cant belive this person just did that! its so selfish and inmature what he did!

  4. seaOMY1 says:

    just to be with her for a second is good enough i wonder some bitch would do such a thing she should fire her ass

  5. david says:

    does that say “lite glam”?

  6. Audrey says:

    I can’t stand it when people steal… it’s a crude thing to do. When you happen to be LADY GAGA, no one EVER has the right to steal from you, especially if you are so famous. I hope that most of the people who have read this news about stealing from Gaga will be out to get this retard who thinks she is good enough to steal from Gaga. We all hate you employee. I LOVE YOU GAGA!!!
    -With luv!… Audrey C.

  7. Audrey says:


  8. Brian says:

    I would not do that ever EVER. To my beloved futuristic pop singer.

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