96448194 A Justin Bieber Tweet Gone WrongWe all know that [lastfm]Justin Bieber[/lastfm] loves to tweet. How do we know this…. because we love to follow him and see what he is up to, and so do millions of other people. Just this past week one tweet went wrong….

[lastfm]Justin Bieber[/lastfm] was in Britain on a promotional tour and headed to a party at the posh MayFair hotel. Justin thought it was smart to tweet where he was going to be hanging out  in the U.K. and  of course his fans showed up just to get a glimpse of the hottie.

Everyone keeps asking me where I will be today… gonna be at the Mayfair Hotel in London at 6.30 to party with the bosses.

Sad to say there was no glimpse of the Bieber, due to security sneaking him out of the back door and into a car. Lets just say the hundreds of screaming fans that turned up outside of the venue were furious that he didn’t come outside and say hi.

Of course Justin being the lady-killer that he is truly felt bad and was sadden that he didn’t get to greet his fans took to his twitter page yet again.

Wish I could have come out from the performance at the Mayfair but security wouldn’t let me. For those girls who cursed me out for it. I’m sorry but sometimes I need to listen to security so no one gets hurt. But I like your attitude. The UK goes hard.

Dang I love this kid! Heart throb to the fullest. What do you think about Justin’s tweets, is he obsessed with tweeting or is it just publicity stunt?

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  1. Christina says:

    i think he loves to tweets and hey its the way to communicate these days with your fans!!! i mean they travel, have tours, I follow @LadgyGaga of course and she is always updating where she is and what shows she is doing! its great… i dont think the people need to be mean if he didnt come out and say hi… it happens, thats why we have security so all the crazy fans dont take JB away lol

  2. stephanie says:

    i thimk he loves to tweet i am a major beliber i love him so much that words cant describe im just so happy that he is following me!!!

  3. mayra says:

    i think that jb is great i guess i only like some of his songs like baby…… and one time 🙂

  4. Brittany says:

    I think that he should of been able to sneak around back with no one being up set b/c hes just a normal person just like us!

  5. vane says:

    wat happened

  6. char says:

    hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi ih hi hi hi hi hi

  7. emily flores says:

    i read em’ everyday 😉 and u cant be mad at him! haha

  8. Alyssa says:

    I think Justin is any other guy but with an amazing voice and he’s hot but he just loves his fans so don’t be mad at him. He just loves music,his fans, and his life so don’t be mad. Btw I love You Justin!!!<3333

  9. Natalie says:

    He is an official M U S I C G O D && I love himm even though he doesnt know i exist (x But thats okay BC it doesnt bother me. He has too much to worry about and I imagine its pretty difficult to notice O N E fan out of the billion. I belive miracles can happenn ,,,,Once in a liftimee???? but im a B E L I E B E R and VERY PROUDD!!!(;;

  10. kavantia says:

    of course but he is still a hottie

  11. kavantia says:

    of course every where you go there is twitter

  12. Kayla says:

    I am not a huge fan of Justin, I think he has a good voice though, and I like some of his music. One thing that bothers me is what people say about him though, such as; he is a faggot, his voice is shitty because its high pitch, and others like that. People need to realize that if they could go big like him they would and putting someone down about it is horrible. Also what goes around about him freaking out on someone because they ran into him, true or not why bother with it, don’t we all have our bad days? I know I do. Also for the fans why scream at him? That is probably why he went through the back, a bunch of crazy girls were out there screaming about to pounce on him. I would have gone to the back too. I am a fan of some artist but I dont think I would want to act like an animal around them. How do celeberties deal with that? Justin is just a person like the rest of us, just can sing and make money for it. Why blame him for that? I know I am making a post on here but really what is the point, live your own lives and get out of someone elses.

  13. SYLVIA says:


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