lady gaga telephone asi AMP Has Your Ticket For Lady Gagas Upcoming US Tour!

Carson announced Lady Gaga’s upcoming US tour this morning, find out how you can win a pair of tickets to see her at the Staples Center!

Lady Gaga is touring the US this summer for the new Monster Ball Tour presented by Virgin Mobile.

She’ll be making a stop at the Staples Center on August 11th, and keep listening to AMP Radio all this week for a chance to win a pair of tickets to see her live!

Tickets go on sale to the public March 20th at 10am.  Buy yours at LiveNation or TicketMaster.

The Monster Ball Tour might incorporate 3D elements in the show according to her rep.  She wraps up her European Tour in early June, giving her a couple weeks to revamp for her US tour.

  • lady gaga1 AMP Has Your Ticket For Lady Gagas Upcoming US Tour! Check out Carson chatting with Lady Gaga, listen to the interview by clicking here.

[lastfm]Lady Gaga[/lastfm] recently released the music video with [lastfm]Beyoncé[/lastfm] for “Telephone.” Watch the 9 minute short film below!

See Lady Gaga’s unique headwear fashions:

 [photogallerylink id=38633 align=left]

Comments (74)
  1. nancy says:

    what time are you guys going to be giving the tickets out? How many times a day?

  2. Jezabelle Guzman says:

    I am 13 years old, I am an honor student and I love listening to the new ampradio! I listen to it everyday because they always play my favorite songs of Lady Gaga. I hope I can go to this tour of Lady Gaga!!!
    Thanks !

  3. Betty Marquez says:

    We love amp radio and we would love to go to the Lady Gaga concert!!! Thanks and keep rocking that great music!!

  4. Jessica Aguila says:

    How can I win two tickets? My bestfriend loves LADY GAGA. He would be so thrilled to go. It would be the best gift ever. I haven’t won anything on the radio yet. It’s part of my bucket list !

  5. Ariana says:

    i really want to win tickets….

  6. Ariana says:

    i really want to win tickets….=D

  7. jennifer swartz says:

    i am 9 and i love lady gaga she roxsssss at singing i love her music i whould love to go with me and my broooo how can i win them??????????????????

    1. jennifer swartz says:

      i really want to win the tickets

  8. barby says:

    hey.. ima a HUGE fan..ive never won anything on the radio…but i hope this time i do..i would like to know when u give the tickets and how many times so i can be listening at all times.. Go AMP RADIO..!!

  9. Sara L. says:

    God, I hope I win the tickets to see Lady GaGa! She is like my ital I sing all her songs everyday..I’m not afraid to show my own style like u…What makes me mad though is stupid jerks that say mean things about GaGa.. like ohh she’s bisexual or she’s crazy of what she dresses..I think it is ALL cool of what she does cuz she doesn’t care of what ppl say…U aren’t afraid to show your style….Thats what I like about ppl like you! 🙂 ..

    ❤ With LOTS of LOVE…Love Sara L. p.s. Keep on rockin! luv u gaga!

  10. Leanne says:

    we can just call to get the ticket right?
    i mean we dont have to be a member right?

    1. Frances says:

      just listen in to AMP Radio .. when you hear us tell you to call our number Call: 877.971.HITS (4487)

  11. kelly shin says:

    how do you win two lady gaga tickets…i have this girl that love lady gaga and she would be happy to go

  12. shonna sommer says:

    a lady gaga lymric:
    lady gaga… you’re one free bitch
    some of your costumes make you look like a witch
    you sing with such emotion
    your little monster fans show so much devotion
    lady gaga, you’re beautiful, dirty, rich

  13. Julie says:

    I want to go to that Lady Gaga Concert SOOOOOO BAD! She is so amazing! I really hope I win!!!!..:)

  14. dani3l says:

    my friend brian is a huge fan of lady gaga we have to get these tickets

  15. Tom Wigmore says:

    She’s got the luck of the Irish, Erin Go Braugh,
    but I’m asking for tickets, which leaves me somewhat in awe.
    A blonde bombshell she is, racking up hits to the top,
    may her good fortune continue, snap, crackle, hip-hop.
    Lady, you make me go Gaga

  16. SEEDO BURRITO says:

    o my gosh! i love lady gaga and her songs…i would love to go to her concert!!! :)I WOULD BE SOO HAPPY IF I WON!!!

  17. Lexys says:

    i lalalovee lady gaga winning tickets would be thee besst birrrthday giffftt ever! :))

  18. AlONdRa says:

    juSt LeTiNg AlL yOu PPl kNOw iAm 13 aNd i LovE lAdy gaGa _!!! lOVe AlL thE SoNgS_!! Me aNd mY BeSTfrIeNd Are sIttIng nExT tO eaCh oTher_!!! aNd juSt hEr WaiTiNg tO CaLl FoR tIcKeT bUt DoNt hAvE tHE pHoNe #

    PlZz sOmEoNe teLL uS tHe NuMbEr
    OhH aNd L ❤ You aLl_!!

  19. AlONdRa says:

    juSt LeTiNg AlL yOu PPl kNOw iAm 13 aNd i LovE lAdy gaGa _!!! lOVe AlL thE SoNgS_!! Me aNd mY BeSTfrIeNd Are sIttIng nExT tO eaCh oTher_!!! aNd juSt hEr WaiTiNg tO CaLl FoR tIcKeT bUt DoNt hAvE tHE pHoNe #

    PlZz sOmEoNe teLL uS tHe NuMbEr
    OhH aNd L ❤ You aLl_!!


  20. AlONdRa says:

    juSt LeTiNg AlL yOu PPl kNOw iAm 13 aNd i LovE lAdy gaGa _!!! lOVe AlL thE SoNgS_!! Me aNd mY BeSTfrIeNd Are sIttIng nExT tO eaCh oTher_!!! aNd juSt hEr WaiTiNg tO CaLl FoR tIcKeT bUt DoNt hAvE tHE pHoNe #

    PlZz sOmEoNe teLL uS tHe NuMbEr
    OhH aNd L ❤ You aLl_!!

    LaDy GaGA lADY GaGA FoO

  21. Andrea Navarro says:

    Hi AMP Radio its me Andrea.I’am 12 years old.I’am a A and B student @ bell Gardens Intermediate School in CA (LA). I L.O.V.E Amp radio. My Fav Artist is LADY GAGA>!!!!!!!! and I wish to do to her tour with my mother.So PLEASE I’am begging you to please give me tickets to go see Lady Gaga.PLEASE:D Bye Amp Radio is the besttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  22. aris chavez says:

    ive been calling like krazy not crazy, … KRAZY haha but oh well ill just continue to bug you guys at amp radio lol… man i want those tickets BAD not bad, …BAD..=)

  23. nikole says:

    OMG!!! i love Lady Gaga how can i win some tickets this will be an awesome concert to go to before my birthday!!!!

  24. Jenilee says:

    I can’t wait to see Lady Gaga! I love her!

  25. ? says:

    you guys are pathetic, stop trying to kiss up and play the I’m this and that and my boyfriend want this and that. You not going to win by writing your life story on here. Lady Gaga is the sh*t, but the world shouldn’t be centered around celebrities, have you taken a look at the ticket prices, there ridiculous. I bet if nobody goes to her concert, her next tour will be a lot more affordable.

  26. vanessa says:

    i absolutely adore lady gaga and would die instantly if i won a pair of her tickets!!! i gotta keep my finger on the redial button!!!

  27. REF says:



    1. martin says:

      how did u get em help me . . . . im obbsesed wit her plz tell me……

  28. Millie says:

    We love amp radio and we would love to go to the Lady Gaga concert!!! Thanks and keep rocking that great music!!

  29. shai says:

    how can i win these freakin tickets!? if anyones a fan its me! i kno every song frm. dirty ice cream, rock show, dance n the dark n both of her cds by heart! iam a tru fan n ill do ANYTHING to get these tickets. i got my 2 yr old son whos completely obessed also. he calls her ‘lady caca’ this 20 yr old single mom student n works like a slave deserves one night to myself to go see stefani!!!!!!!! ahhhh

  30. Amanda Aguilera says:

    I want to go see lady gaga so bad, her first us concert was december 21 of last year and that was my 18th birthday I tried so hard to get those and i couldn’t. I would love to see gaga at least once haha. what time are you guys giving out tickets and what days, i work but ill find a way to listen to amp. p.s i made the switch from kiis fm to amp radio love mondays the most ❤ keep up the good work

  31. liz says:

    ah man, i’d love to go to this!
    aww i love lady gaga! i so wanna win!

  32. katrina says:

    hwat r the time and how many times a day ur goin to give then out i will love to go to lady gaga concert

  33. Victor Avina says:

    I Love Lady Gaga So Much. . . .. I Love Her So Much I Just Wish That I Could Go And See Her Live But I Can’t Because I Don’t Have That Kind Of Money To Go So If I Win Imma Be So Happy I Love Her So Much That My Myspace Profile Has Gaga Everywhere k peace Wish Me Luck

  34. JESUS says:


  35. Danielle says:

    hey want to see lady Gaga so badly.

  36. martin says:

    omg.. how can i get the tickets please help me i have to go see her please i beg u guys i love her….

  37. itt says:

    i need tickets it is my son’s b-day

  38. alex says:

    i need those tickets how do you join the house of gaga please call me please

  39. alex says:

    how do the gaga’s house

  40. Rosalina says:

    I never have gone to a concert and I have never had a favorite artist to want to go see them live but I really love lady gaga so I would love to win tickets to her concert so how do I go about that.

  41. drea says:

    omg i love lady gaga i love her music shes the best…i would love to go to her concert i would die to go.i love amp radio u guys are the best=)<3

  42. JESSE says:

    i want those tickets so bad. my girlfriends b day is on april 13 n i wanna give her the tickets as her gift so bad but i really dont have the money to buy them. ima try everything i can to get those tickets

  43. Emilee says:

    I know everyone is asking for Lady Gaga tickets.. I also know everyone is her biggest fan.. But I honestly will do any crazy thing to get those tickets.. I would come up to the station and sing one of her songs, dress like her and etc. I know this sounds crazy but Gaga has really opened my eyes to being creative and showing that its ok to be different.. Thats why I would do anything to see her amazing show… Because I know that I won’t be able to ever get close enough to tell her thank you for proving that being creative is the S*@#t!!!! But to see her perform would mean everything to me. Good Luck everyone!!! Gotta try and get those tickets!!!! Woo!! Woo!!!

  44. yesenia says:

    Well Just like many of you all love lady gaga … WEll i do too!!! and i want this tickets just like everybody else lol. March 26 is my birthday and these tickets would be a great birthday present lol..but heyyy just one in a million who wants these tickets .. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!! ..LADY GAGA<333333

  45. Johntahan garcia says:

    I WANT THOSE TICKETS!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!

  46. kimmy(: says:

    Does any body kno the number two amp radio or anything so I can get some tickets for lady gag ??

  47. Celia says:

    iReally Want to Win Tickets:D
    iwould really lovee too goo see her in concert<3

  48. Marlyn says:

    i was hoping to go to LaGaGa concert with my mom!i realy hope i win thx!:D

  49. Andrea says:

    I listen to amp radio all the time weni wake up,weni get home from school,i even listen to it to go to sleep!!♥Lady Gaga(Stephani Germanotta) is my idol i love how she sings ..And i can say she is HOTT!!! I sing here songs wen i take a shower and i know partsof the bad romance video:D…i wanna go to gaga’s tour really badly..i’ve never been to one n i would love to have a chance to go see her!!And i really wanna to win tickes♥if AMP RADIO would give mi those tickets i want i would be soooooo thanksful;] LOVE yhu AMP RADIO<3 GAGA YEW F*KIN ROCK!!!!!♥:)

  50. Andrea says:


  51. leonardo s. says:

    what time are you guys going to give out the tickets of lady gaga? Well i love her so much! shes the best of all singers in my point of view!!!!!!!well hope i win =)

  52. Marlyn says:

    hey i just hope i win and well i hope all of you gaga fans win plus are the tickets free? im just kiddin!:D

  53. kathy says:

    i love lady gaga..i would love to win tickets to see her..i love her music…

  54. anonymouss says:

    what time are you going to be giving away the free tickets ? What time and how many ?

  55. michelle says:

    i love listening to amp radio! i listen everday and i would LOVE to win tickets to see lady gaga! I LOVE LADY GAGA SOOOO MUCH AND I WOULD BE AMAZING TO GO TO ONE OF HER CONCERTS!!!!!!!!:)

  56. deziree says:

    I have to say amp has become my favorite radio station. I am a fan of lady gaga. As an individual she shows independence and that everyone has their own creative side. Lady gaga is very creative and I love her style.

  57. Deziree says:

    I have to say amp is my all time favorite radio station. I love lady gaga and her music. Lady gaga shows independence and creativity. Her songs are fun and up beat. Lady gaga has her own style and it shows in the way she dresses and the music she sings. She is setting an example stating you are your own person and what other individuals think should not matter. You are who you are and people should like you no matter. Lady gaga’s music is great for dancing and I love it.

  58. ronniecorral says:

    How do I win

  59. YOUNG PHIL says:

    was poppin amp radio yoh 97.1radio station is off the hook man i had to amp it up from all the other radio stations man was getting tired of all them other lame station man keep it bass pumping!!!!

  60. Marlyn says:

    how do you win tickets please tell me!I know all you gaga fans out there want these tickets but be a kind heart please! 😦

  61. priscilla says:

    Hey when are you guys going to be giving away Gaga tickets??? I tried buying them the day they went on sale as well as the pre-sale but they were all sold out! My HIgh school graduation is coming up &&& I really want to go……It would end my High school year on a good note 🙂
    Please let me know….

  62. Lizette Izaguirre says:

    I made the switch to amp radio and i love it. you play all my favorite songs. i would love to win tickets to go see Lady Gaga. I love her music. I have never won anything and i have never been to any kind of concert. It would awesome if the 1st concert i went to was Lady Gaga.

    thank you

  63. Tyeesha says:

    My friend and I are both seventeen and we love Lady Gaga!!!! We would like to see her live in Portland because her shows always look amazing!! I have never been to a concert before and I would like this to be my first one!!

  64. jessica garcia says:

    ohmgee i i i wudd LOVEEEE to go too ladyy gagas concertt!!! myy olderr cousionn iss inn love witt herr , andd he dontt come aroundd daa familyy, thiss wudd be a greatt opertunttie forr himm too see me,his sister, andd his bloodd dad.
    see wat youu cann do forr ah girl:)

  65. monica says:

    how do you win these tickets?!

  66. elouisa says:

    i would absolutley love to be thier please i want to win these

  67. janet pineda says:

    how can i win the tickets??

  68. Kate O says:

    My roommates and I were planning on going but everywhere drivable from here is sold out! We have to go – we love Gaga so much – she gets us through 🙂

  69. kyrstie says:

    hi ok so i need gaga tickets i wanna take my girl she had her heart set on going in cleveland but she couldn’t so i want to surprise her with tickets for anywhere close ish to philadelphia best seats possible i’d go out and buy em but i’m kinda broke but i know she would love this more than anything anyway someone can help me out please???

  70. kerrie says:

    i am 9 and i REALLY want those tickets. lady gaga is my favorite singer in the whole world!

  71. Lina says:

    How can I win two tickets? Me and my bestfriend loves LADY GAGA and her birthday is the same day as LADY GAGA i want to surprise her. Also I listen to amp radio everyday all day long please please please right back if i get the tickets

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