Booker Interviews Charice At AMP Studios!

charice Booker Interviews Charice At AMP Studios!

We’ve read all your comments on what you think about Charice’s song “Pyramid” ft. Iyaz, and we’re getting a lot of requests to play it on AMP.  Charice was in our studios with Booker talking about her new rise to fame.  See the pictures here!

Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco is the 17-year-old singing sensation from the Philippines discovered by David “The Hit Man” Foster.  She started singing when she was 7 when her mother, also a singer, discovered her talent.  Her mother acted as her vocal coach helping [lastfm]Charice [/lastfm]win many local singing competitions including “Little Big Star,” similar to American Idol.

She started getting national attention when she appeared on Ellen and Oprah, instantly making her an international celebrity.  Her current single “Pyramid” features [lastfm]Iyaz[/lastfm] and is increasing in popularity among AMP listeners.

Listen to Charice chatting with Booker and then check out more photos below:

Check out the photos of [lastfm]Charice [/lastfm]in AMP studios with Booker!

[photogallerylink id=40899 align=left]

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One Comment

  1. zeidrich says:

    i love the song

  2. Streetcred says:

    what a good interview. charice is always her bubbly, energetic self! thx, AMP!

  3. claudette4u says:

    wooot woooh… Chasters and Iyazters in the Haus….. m/

  4. Robert says:

    aww…she sounds really cute! Thanks Booker for making her feel at ease.

  5. Julissa says:

    I love her so much! Thank you for the interview!

  6. pogipoints says:

    Very nice, thanks DJ Booker for the interview of this amazing singer Charice. More power to your amp 97.1

  7. jazzy says:

    thanks booker! woot! woot! charice u rock!

  8. absoluteLoVe says:

    yeehaw!charice is on the house!!??lol.she is so cute and bubbly as always.and yo d man DJ booker!

  9. Loel says:

    Great interview. And nice pictures.
    So, Charice got to hear her own song on AMP radio first.
    Can’t wait to her more from Charice. Incredible vocal talent.

  10. char_ming says:

    AWESOME AWESOME AWSOME!!! Charice you were great on this interview.. Thanks Booker.. TO THE TOP BABY!!!

  11. jun says:

    Wow…Charice youre awesome!…You did very well on the interview…

  12. Matt says:

    she’s an awesome talent and her song is freakin’ catchy!

  13. jwk says:

    Thanks Booker.. You are great. You made Charice really feel comfortable. She’s sooo natural!

  14. siane says:

    wow charice you really there! love pyramid

  15. Rob says:

    OMG….CHARICE is so COOOOOL…..I love you girl !!!!

  16. Edvorak says:

    Wow, it’s so wonderful to hear Charice talking to a DJ. Pyramid is really a cool song. I think everyone should hear her sing and be mesmerized.

  17. freezepudding says:

    Charice.. you did great! Pyramid to the TOP, baby!!! Thanks so much Booker…you rock!!

  18. claudine says:

    Thanks Booker for having Charice on your show, nice and very cool more power to your station

  19. ken says:

    Thanks Booker for such a great interview with Charice. She sounds so innocent and honest, like a normal teenager. I don’t think success will ever get to her head. You can tell she is comfortable around around people, especially her fans. I’m one of them!

  20. cyberman00005 says:

    thank you so much charice for making us happy! you’re truly amazing young lady!

  21. miNUTe says:

    … hi Booker thanks .. Charice hope to hear more songs from you woohoo !!

  22. toots says:

    chariceeeeee love this interview DJ Brooker awesome

  23. cyberman00005 says:

    i had so much fun listening charice and dj booker. great!

  24. muzkbuff says:

    Nice interview. Gonna buy her debut CD.

  25. Fly N Dance says:

    nice one Charice!

  26. Tutti Tutti says:

    nice interview. i was happy when i heard about the 8 – 88 yr old fans. you’re an amazing artist. i can’t wait what’s next for you. yeah..i like your album and i want to preorder it soon.

  27. Tutti Tutti says:

    hi charice. you’re an amazing artist. i can’t wait for your album. i’m going to preoder it. thanks…nice interview by the way..

  28. Gwen says:

    Thanks DJ Booker for the interview.

    Charice, at the top baby!

  29. Matt says:

    it’s really refreshing to hear from such a down to earth artist. this girl can really sing and yet she is so humble. awesome interview, Booker

  30. NEGE says:

    Awww…. Charice so Awesome! 🙂 and so cute!

  31. wedgienet says:

    Thanks for the interview! Charice is so cute haha 😀 Thanks Booker!

  32. pat says:

    She did great in her interview. SHe’s so humble….down to earth….and positive. Positive people attract positive energy.
    Hopefully she’ll get on Ellen! and then AI!!!

  33. eva valdez says:

    thanks DJ Booker for charices interview, god bless and more power.

  34. bryant says:

    I’ve been following Charice for a few years now. She is an amazing person as well as an amazing artist. Love “Pyramid” and can’t wait for the album. Love you, Cha. You make all of us Chasters proud.

  35. susieg says:

    Excellent interview!! Thanks DJ Booker for being supportive and amking her at ease. Hopr you cah play her song as amany times as possible.

  36. CARA says:

    thanks booker for inviting charice for interview ….we just love her

  37. Noobee says:

    Great interview!! Im a first time listener to 97.1 and first song heard is “pyramid” by charice ft iyaz. It sounded great and very catchy! Charice – great vocals great artist! Cant wait for her single to come out!

  38. hertzblaster says:

    Thanks Booker! Charice in a jolly mood all the time!!! PYRAMID is going to be huge!!!

  39. miNUTe says:

    wish to hear more of Charice .. keep playing Pyramid for us .. thanks DJ Booker =)

  40. Jay says:

    I only started listening to 97.1 cuz the are playing Charice. But if they are gonna stop playing it, i might aswell go back to KIIS.

  41. RvNoho says:

    hey 97.1 amp, thanks for playing charice’s song “pyramid”, GREAT SONG, WE ALL LOVE IT HERE AT WORK!!!!

  42. ray says:

    Great Song! just heard from your radio, play it more please!

  43. justin says:

    hey –

    I started listening online to AMP, the acoustics are great online. I love Charice and her song pyramid. Here in Chicago it’s now the #1 most requested song –yet it’s hardly played. Please play it more!!!

  44. susieg says:

    Thanks for sharing the comments from other people. I love reading them. I hope you continue playimg Pyramid and her other songs everyday.

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