Last night’s episode had a combo of laughs, utter confusion and of course the soon to be patented song of the season! William Hung move aside, a new man has graced the stage with the entertainment we love to see in AI auditions.

01 14 2010 ai hits atl with auditions to remember American Idol Hits ATL with Auditions to Remember

Keep reading for more of our AI coverage, including video of General Larry Platt singing “Pants On The Ground!”

Hear Carson Daly talking about it:

Round Two of auditions kicked off in the Peach State last night. Yep, I’m talking about Atlanta with the very talented Mary J. Blige as the guest judge. To be honest, I don’t think she brought much to the table. She laughed a lot but didn’t give any relevant input when it came to critiquing the many hopeful’s singing.  Mostly, she came across as dry and unresponsive.

Dawone Robinson was the first contestant of the night and it was a sight to see. He was interrupted by Simon twice just to be asked the title of the original song he wrote because it was hard to decipher. He was trying to sing “Lady, I Know You” but it sounded like “Latiii, I Know You.”  He was pitchy throughout the entire audition and kept singing in various tunes. It was just really weird and uncomfortable to watch.  

One of the first country singers to impress during auditions was Vanessa Wolfe. And as we find out, going to Hollywood is a big deal for her as she finally gets to take a ride on an air-o-plane (no correction that’s really how she says it!). Wolfe is a very genuine gal and the judges definitely took notice! Could she be the next Carrie Underwood? I already know she’s going to be a fan favorite in Vonore, TN which is her hometown.  Simon gave Wolfe a few tips to take with her to Hollywood and one is to be a bit more self confident or else Hollywood will swallow her up.

Country singer/Guitar Girl Holly Harden was the surprise performer of the evening, in my opinion! I thought guitar girl was a laughing stock after her pronunciation of Guitar (she says it like gee–tar) but I was wrong! Well partly, I mean she was kind of a joke, being dressed in a Halloween, but she was also having fun! Her voice wasn’t too bad either.  Tell me, what did you think of Guitar Girl?

01 14 2010 ai hits atl with auditions to remember 2 American Idol Hits ATL with Auditions to Remember

The beautiful, talented & confident Mallorie Haley wow judges with her audition. The 20-year-old has a definite country swag to her, but it works for her. Mallorie is definitely a gem in the competition. These country gals are going to have to fight for the Southern Belle title this year as the stakes are rising as the competition is getting tougher.

Skiboski Wheeler baby! Let’s be honest the name is the only thing funny about this guy. He might’ve just been nervous but he was acting a bit sleaze ball-e when addressing the female judges. Sadly, he was put through to the next round but if I was a judge I definitely would have said NO! Am I being too harsh? I mean he had his name stitched/patched  INCORRECTLY onto his red button up shirt!

01 14 2010 ai hits atl with auditions to remember 3 American Idol Hits ATL with Auditions to Remember

Best Friends, Carmen Turner and Lauren Sanders auditioned together. This pair claim to have had BFF status since third grade, but if you ask me that friendship is coming to a close end.  Lauren, the brunette did not have a good audition what so ever.  However, Carmen had a semi-decent one that landed her  a golden ticket and a chance out of small town life. Lauren was so caught up in her pity party after being rejected that she couldn’t even be happy for her BFF! Sounds like a crappy friend to me, what do you guys think?

Lamar Royal came into the audition saying he LOVES constructive criticism and will respect the judges.  Apparently, on top of being a terrible singer Lamar is a liar!  He had a decent voice, but it needed some work.  When the judges tried to explain this to him Lamar threw a fit and ended up cussing out the judges! Who does that? He said he would take criticism, but then did the complete opposite. When Kara attempted voicing her opinion he went bonkers and eventually security had to escort him out to the parking lot. What’s funny though is that after he left the room, Randy stood up as if he was going to do something to him for talking trash, but I doubt he would have. I’m not trying to be mean but come on Randy is a big teddy bear that wouldn’t hurt a fly! Check it out here!

American Idol producers are good at what they do, and they definitely saved the best for last as General Larry Platt was the closing contestant in Atlanta.  Platt was my hands down favorite of the night! The 62-year-old General came up with the catchiest song of the season thus far. If you tuned in last night you know exactly what I’m talking about. That’s right, “Pants On The Ground!” He was so passionate and excited about he attempted break dancing while performing it for the judges! Even though he didn’t get a golden ticket to Hollywood, the Judges loved Larry’s silly song and producers asked fellow contestants to collectively sing “Pants On The Ground.” I hate to admit it but it’s been stuck in my head since the airing last night. In case you missed it here it is below!

Do you think the American Idol will be from the ATL auditions? If so tell me who blew you away! The proof is in the pudding, so etch your opinion in stone so you can prove to your friends that you knew who’d win all along!


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