Adidas & The Ting Tings Paint Party!

I’m just gonna say it: this past Saturday night was one of the craziest nights of my life! Adidas held a paint party that was hosted by The Ting Tings at Club L in Hollywood and AMP represented in full force! In case you’re not quite sure what a paint party is, I think that especially in this case, a picture is worth a MILLION words, so check it out:

  • We all arrive at Club L and there’s a huge line! Chatted with people ready to party and a bunch of people got into this invite-only event because they were one of AMP’s Friends with Benefits!

Adidas Ting Tings Paint Party

  • Adidas gave each person a full tracksuit to put on, and we made them look goooood! Looked like we were a bunch of 80’s break-dancers, so naturally, we started a dance circle and had battles. Awesome (and expensive!) outfits that were about to get obliterated. Here’s the before photo:

BEFORE Adidas & The Ting Tings Paint Party!

  • There were black-lights all over the club and everyone was getting anxious for the paint party to begin!

Ting Tings Paint Party!

  • All of the sudden, they opened up a separate room, and it was ON! Orange, yellow, green, and pink paint was handed out and then it just got crazy. I got paint in places I don’t think paint should EVER be. The entire place looked like a rainbow had just exploded! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any crazier, the Ting Tings hit the stage and provided the soundtrack to this amazing paint fight.

The Ting Tings

  • The Ting Tings weren’t afraid to get dirty either and they sprayed people with paint from the stage! The performance was unbelievable! The drummer even got up and one point and yelled “Show me some color!” Of course everyone got him drenched after that. They played all of my favorites, and closed out with “That’s Not My Name.” I was completely blown away, and also completely soaked in paint that was lodged in my eyes and ears.

The Ting Tings

  • Here’s an after photo…

AFTER Adidas & The Ting Tings Paint Party!

  • And here’s a familiar AMP face, DJ McCabe, even though that face happens to be covered in a multitude of colors:

Seena, McCabe and friend

  • Before we left, we showed the Adidas camera guy some painted love.

Camera man love

  • Being as crazy as we are, we didn’t end the night there! Our entire AMP crew ended up walking the streets of Hollywood, where a random guy said we looked as if the Lucky Charms leprechaun threw up all over us… pretty dead on. So we decided to convince everyone in Hollywood that we were a team called Lucky Charmz that won on America’s Best Dance Crew and we were out celebrating! TOTALLY worked. Ended the night with some more shenanigans and dancing the night away on the floor at Happy Endings on Sunset. Yes, they actually let us all in looking how we did!

The Ting Tings Paint Party

Happy Endings on Sunset

Now tell me, does that NOT sound like the best night ever?


One Comment

  1. ElleBelle says:

    looks like sooo much fun! wish i could have been there! seena you are so freakin cute!!!

  2. What blog script do you use on your site ?

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