• Jennifer’s Body

Jennifer's Body

Fanboys, commence drooling. Highly anticipated mostly by the hormonally raging boys of the high school kind, Jennifer’s Body stars Megan Fox as a possessed cheerleader that preys on every male that crosses her path. Amanda Seyfried (Mean Girls) plays Jennifer’s schoolmate that catches on to her killing spree and sets out to stop her. I admit to having mixed feelings on this. It would be too easy to say this is going to suck, and there’s a part of me that wants to give it a chance. With Diablo Cody’s name attached to the movie (she wrote Juno), you can’t deny that it as potential. You may not have heard that Adam Brody is in this, so ladies, you’ll also have something to drool over.

  • Love Happens

I can tell you now that I will not be seeing this. For many reasons. But first, I’ll tell you what it’s about. A self-help guru (Aaron Eckhart) makes a connection with a woman (Jennifer Aniston) that he meets at one of his seminars and she makes him rethink his entire life. Ok, now the reasons. First of all, it sounds boring. Secondly, even the trailer makes me really nervous about the quality of the story. And most importantly… I don’t get it when these romantic movies cast someone that’s played a villain as the lead male. How can I watch Harvey Dent/Two-Face (Dark Knight) try to woo Jennifer Aniston? How? That’s all I’d be able to think about!

  • The Informant!

Just saw this at a screening and there’s only one word that comes to mind: delightful. I can’t go as far as saying this was amazing, or hilarious, but delightful would be the perfect adjective. Matt Damon did a surprisingly good job playing “Informant” Mark Whitacre, who helps bring down a corporation that’s accused of doing bad business. The writing in this movie was really smart and it’s so quirky that you’ll stay entertained throughout the entire thing. It’s also unlike any movie I’ve seen so the originality was refreshing. Kudos, Mr. Damon. Keep your eyes open for lots of cameos by comedians and comedic actors. And Scott Bakula! LOVE Quantum Leap!


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