Snap Judgement! This Weekend at the Movies!

The Proposal

This movie stars Sandra Bullock as a crazy Canadian who forces adorable Ryan Reynolds to marry her so that she doesn’t get deported. The fake couple then take a trip to Alaska to visit Ryan’s family, and hilarity ensues as they try to convince his whole family that they’re really in love. I love movies like this where two actors that are very attractive spend the first half of the movie pretending to be repulsed by one another. Then, they kiss or something and they start to realize they are in love. Um, didn’t you realize before that you’re both totally hot? Idiots. This film should be watchable and is guaranteed to make you feel like a 12 year old girl, which is a good thing in my opinion. In other news, I am a Canadian too so you have to marry me, Ryan Reynolds, or I’ll get deported. Sorry.

Grade: B+ | Playing at Arclight

Year One

I like Michael Cera a lot, so I thought I’d be into this movie. Sadly, I’m not. I think I’d like this movie a whole lot more if it were set in modern-day Tallahassee and starred Raven Simone as a quirky (yet intelligent) young career woman out to change the world with her melodic voice and snazzy fashions. Basically, I’d like this movie way more if it were nothing like it is. I’m sure there are some funny jokes hidden in there amongst all the ones based on played out stereotypes about women and sex, but I don’t know if I’d want to sit through two hours of ugly caveman costumes to get to them. Luckily, the cast is good enough to carry the lame script, so I’m guessing it wont be all bad.

Grade: B – | Playing at The Grove

Whatever Works

I’m not a huge Woody Allen fan, but I like Larry David and this movie looks pretty funny. It’s about a mean old man who thinks he is a genius (Larry David) that meets a young runaway (Evan Rachael Wood) and decides that he likes here even though she’s dumb as rocks. Woody Allen seems to like these stories where young women (Scarlet Johanson, etc) get it on with old dudes. I’m not all that into that, but I guess some people are (mainly old dudes). Even though this movie could be construed as elitist, sexist, ageist, and shrill, it looks entertaining somehow. Go see it if you have nothing else to do. Or if you’re an old dude who wants to oggle Evan Rachael Wood.

Grade B | Playing at The Landmark


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