Snap Judgement! This Weekend at the Movies!

The Taking of Pelham 123

John Travolta stars in this movie about a crazy man who hijacks a New York City subway car. Denzel Washington plays some kind of city dispatcher who has to bargain with John Travolta. I kind of think this is what these two guys act like in real life. John’s all “give me millions of dollars” and Denzel’s like “Sir, calm down, I’m not giving you anything until I see a contract!” This movie looks mildly entertaining. Really mild. Like the kind of salsa made in… New York City!?! Sorry, I had to slip that in. Bottom line, if you’re a subway enthusiast or are just dying to John Travolta’s enormous chin-dimple, go see this film. Otherwise, save your dollars for the subway (Sidenote: Did you know that LA has a subway? And it’s gorgeous. Check it out!).

Grade: C+ Playing at  The Grove

Imagine That

This movie is about an adorable little girl that charms everyone by carrying around a blanket and being psychic. Her father is Eddie Murphy, a hardworking corporate executive of some sort that uses his daughter’s psychic powers for a good cause. And by “good cause” I mean to make millions of dollars for a giant corporation. Then they get rich and everyone is happy and there is a scene with fireworks and Eddie Murphy loves his daughter more because she helped him make so much money. At least that’s what I’m guessing happens. All in all, this movie actually looks like a fun, entertaining flick. Eddie is funny, the little girl is cute, and there are plenty of zany mishaps to make both adults and children laugh. EVERYONE WINS!

Grade: B+ | Playing at Mann Chinese Theatre


Imagine you were trapped on the moon and your only friend was a huge robot with a computerscreenface. Sounds pretty lame, right? That’s what makes this movie so scary. Anyone with overwhelming codependency issues (i.e. me) will find this film totally horrifying. I mean, dude’s up in space and he has no peeps whatsoever. Then he starts hallucinating and thinking there are all these other people on the moon with him. Or IS HE hallucinating? AHHHHHHH!

Grade: A- | Playing at Arclight

Food Inc

Do you find yourself constantly wanting to eat? Do you crave the delicious tenderness of gorgeous, plump, genetically modified chickens? Well, I do, which is why I need to watch this documentary about how all the food we eat is made of poison, sculpter’s clay, and hormone juice. Fast Food Nation author Eric Schlosser made this documentary to expose how disgusting all the food we consume is. He interviews all sorts of people including farmers with southern accents and farmers with southern accents. Then there are all sorts of shots inside supermarkets, where you can buy tons of food that will slowly kill you (Sidenote: have you ever tried to take a picture in a supermarket? They totally freak out. I have no idea how Schlosser got his cameras in there). I think everyone needs to see this movie. Then we can all be anorexic together. YAY!

Grade: A + | Playing at Landmark Nuark


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