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You’ve been hearing all about it … and he’s finally here! You may have seen him before .. you know, the DJ from Ellen and the guy on Loveline. Well now Stryker is here to assist you in THE SWITCH to 97.1 AMP Radio. You can hear him everyday Monday thru Friday from 3PM to 7PM. Remember All the Hits. Commercial Free Monday. Next week Stryker has more tickets to give away so have this number ready: 877.971.HITS.

  • eminem 120 Stryker Gets You Some Relapse by EminemStryker announced the big winner to see Eminem at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards¬† . . .¬† Michael Andrecht of El Monte!!!!

  • Stryker sat down with LMFAO in the “Green Room” for a chat.
  • Jordin Sparks popped by for a little chat with Stryker about gloss and her new single “Battlefield.” Watch it and see more of her by clicking here.

Click here to watch Stryker and Jordin Sparks

Stryker came up with some pretty inventive ways to give away tickets during the Britney Spears concerts. There’s the easy call into 1-877-971-HITS when he tells you to . . . and then he made someone shave their head, and then he made these two gals below go and hunt down a KIIS shirt, bring it by the Staples Center and … WATCH!

  • stryker bowling 033009 Stryker Gets You Some Relapse by EminemWe gave Stryker a FLIP camera and now he won’t put it down. See Videos by Stryker, click here.
  • Need to communicate with Stryker?
    Then email or call 877.971.HITS.

Comments (20)
  1. Joe says:

    YES! Not only does AMP finally get a DJ but they get the best DJ in the world!

  2. DjManu says:

    Keep it up guys…I’m hooked on 97.1 everyday now…Stryker rocks…If you need the coolest latin set guest-dj, I’m more than happy to assist you…Cheers

  3. Dubany says:

    Commercial free mondays is crazy gooooood!

  4. Lulu says:


    wag it for me please!

  5. i just found out about this station and i am digging it i switched over from power 106 and kiss fm….nothing compared to this…if you guys need a dj im a local in long beach and looking for a chance to capture my dream…..

  6. AL says:

    I love 97.1 AMP !!
    i listen to it at school, work, at the gym, and when i go to sleep.

    But i miss the old talk free fm.. =[
    where will i get my news and nonsense from now?!?

    Anyways great job guys at amp.!
    I loved the no-commercials, but i guess you guys had to get some to pay the bills right..

    – AL
    Nuklear2 Designz

  7. Sarah says:

    Around what time the Lil’ Wayne tickets going to be up for grabs!! I have been listening for them since 4:00 and still haven’t got them. Please give em up for grabs soon!!

  8. jessica says:

    i think it suks you have commercials now

  9. Denise says:

    YOU’VE JUST BEEN AMPED!!!! 97.1=good music

  10. yay . . . .what was that Smoke Jumpers song you played like an hour ago?? arrg it was so good I can’t find it now.

  11. Louie Rocker says:

    Thats cool you guys now have the coolest DJ and this station is really awesome.

  12. giselle says:

    i was listeing to my radio kiis fm until i turned into sum radio 97.1 SO MUCH BETTER LESS TALKING LESS COMERICAILS!!!

    good bye kiis!

  13. I found this radio station and it rocks it’s better than KissFM and you are the coolest guy.

  14. chelsea says:

    this station is the shi*t I listen to it every day !!!!!

  15. joey says:

    I heard a song at 6:04 pm the other day. “I want you and You want me 1,2,3,4, uno dos tres quattro” Who sings it? it’s kinda Dancey

  16. EILEEN says:


  17. Katherine says:

    U guys rock I love ur music u guys play a lot good music that I love I maid the switch from power 106 and kiss fm to u guys and I don’t regret it

  18. april alcala says:

    wazz up to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu all and love u

  19. monique says:

    omg i love this new radio station i madde this switch from kiis to 991 to amp!! wen u guys get a chance can u guys plzzzz play paparazzi and meet me halfway but it kinda stinks that u guys have commercials now. but oh well. =]

  20. rabbit says:

    I am in love with amp! all i listen to ! i made the switch for stryker cus im in love with him! and they play great music i just love it strykers amazing

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