Angels and Demons

For those of you who do not know, this film is a prequel/sequel to The Da Vinci Code. I never saw the first movie, but I did try to read the book and got totally bored after 40 pages. Something about the combo of corrupt priests, Rennaissance art, and murder plots puts me to sleep. So this new installment of the franchise does not appeal to me whatsoever. The trailer didn’t do a good job of convincing me of the merits of this film either. Basically, all I could figure out about the plot from the preview is that a statue comes to life and Tom Hanks is scared of it. I think. Either way, I’m bored. NEXT!

Grade: F + | Playing at Arclight 


Okay, so I didn’t really think I would like this one but it looks pretty fun. Basically it’s about Jennifer Anniston going to a hotel and the front desk clerk falling in love with her. Then there’s a whole awesome scene where she let’s him touch her butt. Then Woody Harrelson shows up and plays the lame boyfriend and JennAnn must choose between him and the perv she let touch her booty. Based on the plot it sounds lame but the acting seemed pretty good and reminds me a bit of a teen movie from the 80z. Bottom line, I’d watch it.

Grade: B+ | Playing at Mann’s Chinese

The Brothers Bloom

Wait, this movie looks kind of amazing. Firstly, it stars Mark Ruffalo, Adrien Brody, and Rachel Weisz, all of whom are awesome. Second, it involves international chases (soooo Carmen Sandiego). Thirdly, it looks really exciting and it involves lots of explosions. The Rachel Weisz character is a trust funder who spends all her time dancing around and skateboarding indoors. Basically, she does all the things that I aspire to do one day. I’d see the movie for her alone but Ruffalo and Brody seem like a funny pair as brothers from Jersey. Excellent.

Grade: A | Playing at Arclight

  1. I am a movie freak. I have watched lot of movies of old Hollywood stars but these days i don’t find movies intersting.

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