Snap Judgement: X Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Because Wolverine is everyone’s favorite X-Men character, it makes sense that this fool is the first to get his own movie. Judging by the preview, this film is going to be totally awesome. I love X-Men movies because they’re the perfect combo of exciting entertainment and emotional drama. This film shows us where Wolverine comes from. Seems like he fought in a war, had a hot girlfriend that was killed in some heinous manner, and then went nuts and let the government give him fun retractable claws. He has an arch rival played by Liev Schreiber who looks pretty awesome and has lots of one-liners like “OOOH! Shiney!” in response to Wolverine’s overtly masculine claw tricks.

I’ve always been entertained by how ridiculous and dramatic the X-Men films are. Wolverine totally looks like a diva, running around flashing his long fingernails and standing in a wide-legged stance trying to look tough. It’s all a ludicrous performance and it could only be pulled off by someone like Hugh Jackman, who has a good deal of stage experience and can sing and dance with the best of them. But that’s exactly what makes the whole thing work. Wolverine is just tough enough for us to think he’s a bad a$$, but just emotionally troubled enough to make us feel for him when his girlfriend dies.

Special effects is one of the main reasons to go see a movie like X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It looks like an absolutely beautiful movie and a lot of hard work, talent, and creativity goes into those fight scenes. This makes it worth it to see a movie like this in the theater, because the special effects don’t play out as well at home, no matter how luxurious you DVD player is.

Despite a lackluster review from the New York Times I think this movie will totally entertain you. Maybe not as much as the other X-Men movies. When it comes to mutant superheros, the more, the merrier. But I think Wolverine has enough entertaining quirks to keep you engaged for a few hours.

Grade: A –

Playing at Mann’s Chinese Theatre


One Comment

  1. ClumsyRox says:

    This Movie is AWSOME!!

    And Sabertooth is HOT!


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